Learning Resources Conference: Empowering the Digital Natives

20 Oct 2011 (Full day event)
10.00 to 3.30pm
National Railway Museum, National Railway Museum, York, North Yorkshire

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Brief Details:Developing digital literacy skills are key to empowering students and staff with the skills and confidence they need to use digital technology effectively, not only to support their learning but also in the workplace and their daily lives. This event showcases how curriculum, learning technologist and library staff can all play an instrumental role in embedding core digital skills: Whether it’s developing safe practices when communicating online, searching, reviewing and acknowledging web sources, or championing digital inclusion by offering learners access to the variety of new tablets, tools and mobile devices that are available.
Information:Although many of our learners are often perceived to be ‘digital natives’ because they are immersed in a world where digital technologies are commonplace, the majority still enter further and higher education lacking the skills needed to apply digital technologies to education.

This event will provide delegates with a range of interactive workshops where delegates can explore how digital technologies are being developed across the country to provide a responsive and exciting learning experience. These workshops will cover the benefits to the learner, in addition to the implications for technical and learning resources staff.
Target Audience: Learning technologists, Librarians and Information Professionals
Cost:£ 75 (£ 150 for non-supported Organisations)
Event Type: Regional Event
Event Duration: Full day event
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  • The Workshops were very imformative. I have lots of notes to take back and explore further and share.
       Anonymous (20/10/2011)
  • There were lots of ideas and inspiration on using technology in teaching and learning.
       Anonymous (20/11/2011)
  • Never Tweeted before today but now I have a Twitter and a Diigo account!
       Debs Philip - Calderdale College (20/11/2011)
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    Programme for event: Learning Resources Conference: Empowering the Digital Natives

    20 October 2011


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    Phones, Slates, Netbooks & Desktop Computers: information use across devices

    There is a proliferation of different devices we can use to search for, access and use information, from mobile phones to fixed desktop computers. What does it mean to be information literate in this mobile, digital environment? How do people use a variety of devices to deal with information needs? This workshop presents some recent research into mobile information literacy and provides an opportunity to discuss how these issues impact on us in libraries.

    Speaker: Mr. Andrew Walsh, University of Huddersfield


    A: Think before you click: Steps on the road to independent learning

    The aim of this this session is to facilitate learners to question their perceptions of the information found during Internet searches. By means of discussions and group activities learners will discover for themselves the need for critical evaluation of sources found on the Internet.

    Delegates will have an opportunity to take away materials and ideas that can be used with their own students to encourage independent learning.

    Speaker: Mr. Anthony Beal, JISC RSC Northwest
    B: Social Media feet first - Managing your digital footprint & identities

    The days when our home and office life were clearly divided ended when we started leaving digital footprints all over the internet. Now many of us, managing multiple social media accounts, are struggling to draw the boundaries and protect out privacy. This workshop looks at how LRC staff can protect themselves and protect learners in the internet jungle.

    Speaker: Mr. Kevin Campbell-Wright, JISC RSC-YH
    C: Using Rights-Cleared Images from Scran

    Scran is the leading source of rights-cleared content for teaching and learning. Education Officer Helen Foster will show you how to re-use Scran’s resources to create effective learning and teaching materials. This session will also cover uploading your own materials to the site.

    Speaker: Ms. Helen Foster, Scran (part of RCAHMS)




    A: JISC MediaHub - an introduction to the latest JISC multimedia resource

    Explore a wealth of multimedia content in one site. JISC MediaHub, launched this year, offers direct access to more than a million image, video and sound files from reputable sources such as ITN, Getty and the Imperial War Museum. The content has been copyright-cleared for use in education. In addition, JISC MediaHub offers search results and previews of multimedia content from other sources such as Wellcome Images, ARKive and the Culture Grid.

    In this workshop you will discover how to search and explore JISC MediaHub. We will download images and video files and discuss how and when you will use the content, including copyright considerations. We will signpost you to other useful sources of online multimedia content.

    Speaker: Ms. Vivienne Carr, EDINA
    B: Copyright Licensing in the Digital Age

    Your college holds a copyright licence with The Copyright Licensing Agency (CLA) that allows you to copy from millions of books and magazines whilst protecting against copyright infringement. We realise that understanding copyright can be tricky – especially now in the digital age – so the CLA Further Education Team is here to help you promote good practice in copyright.
    In his workshop, Gursh Sangha the Education Support Manager, will cover the following core topics:
    • making the most of the CLA Further Education Licence
    How teaching staff can make full use of the titles covered under the licence to bring quality, up-to-date information straight to the classroom.
    • know where to go for further information and resources
    Ensuring you know exactly where to go for specific information about your licence, as well as giving useful information on who to contact for advice on clearing rights for other media under copyright, such as films, music and plays.
    • be up to date with latest developments
    Although colleges currently have a Trial licence, it is aimed to introduce a new permanent licence with enhanced rights in 2012 to ensure our offering remains relevant within the modern learning environment across the diverse Further Education sector.

    Speaker: Mr. Gursh Sangha, The Copyright Licensing Agency Ltd
    C: Making it Mobile

    This workshop will give delegates the opportunity to ‘play’ with mobile devices and apply their use to teaching and learning scenarios. This session is a hands-on workshop and gives you a chance to share ideas with others.

    Speaker: Mr. Chris Barber, JISC RSC-YH


    Lunch & Exhibition


    Developing a New Curriculum for Information Literacy: theory and practice

    This workshop will be a chance to find out more about the recent Arcadia project from Cambridge University Library to develop a new curriculum for information literacy. The session will provide an overview of the project, how the curriculum was developed and there will be a chance to examine the 10 strands of the curriculum in more detail to see how they might be used in your own work.

    Dr Jane Secker & Dr Emma Coonan

    Speaker: Ms. Jane Secker, London School of Economics and Political Science


    A: Where Diigo?

    "I remember seeing that on a website last week, now where was it?" Ever thought that it would be great to have your own list of web sites? What about signposting resources direct to a particular group of students or colleagues? Diigo is a social bookmarking site with a difference: tag, highlight,and comment on websites and make available to others. Find out how to do a tag cloud and embed into your website or blog. Come along to this hands on workshop and find out more.

    Speaker: Mrs. Kathy Boyer, JISC RSC-YH
    B: Digital Inclusion

    This workshop will look at some of the services JISC TechDis offers, and will demonstrate some of the free and low-cost technologies available to help you offer an engaging and inclusive learning experience.

    Speaker: Ms. Lisa Featherstone, JISC TechDis
    C: 101 ways to implement Identity and Access Management

    A [non-technical talk] incorporating examples about how Further Education establishments are implementing SAML-compliant identity and access management solutions in order to achieve SSO (single sign on) for the library or their institution including a peek into the future.


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